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The company is backed by a team of effcient and expert professionals, who operate the whole business procedure starting from the procurement of logs to the dispatch of the sawn timber.

We are based on the western sea ports, also known as the western import hub, Gandhidham. There are nearby 2 sea ports, Mundra port & Kandla ports which facilitates the ease of importing.

How and when did you enter into the door industries?
The company incorporated in 2013. In the beginning we were into timber. In the year, 2015 we started the manufacturing of finished products, like door shutters, door frames, windows, antique furniture of wood, which made us realize that there is potential in the market of finished goods.

There are two advantages of it, -it is not entirely credit basis industry; it gives better margin than selling timber.

Another is the possibility of brand building as the years pass by and then something to enter into the export market as well.

What is the present manufacturing facility & capacity?
It’s the contract basis labour what we have hired so when there is more demand we get more labour. On an average about 200-300 doors per month & we have capacity of manufacturing 2000 doors frames per month. Our work is entirely order based, as per demand.

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Please tell us about your plant location & it’s advantages of this location.

All of the imported woods in North India is transported directly from the ports mentioned or Gandhidham. The woods used areimported from America, Europe, and Africa. We are supplying to builders & Architects, interior designers and end customers and also contractors mostly related to wood. Location wise we have the advantage of cost cutting because it’s first pick point. So we get this facility. The other advantage is options of wood availability.

When some client wants one particular wood it can be arranged easily. Since it’s a wholesale market prices are very competitive.

What are the varieties of Doors you manufacturing at present?
We have various categories.

One category being normal design; we offer this type of design when a client wants something simple, not too much intricate & looks for cost cutting. The other option is carving where there are 2 sub categories one of is handmade and other CNC machinery carving.

CNC machine offers variety of designs, 3d models also. In hand caring it’s usually about god’s images like Ganpati design, Lakshmi design, Om design, any flower designs, etc.

The other is double door. Entry doors are demanded in simple categories design, normal design. In that category the carving design comes. When there is highlight there comes the Pooja door.

Mostly people who build houses have a Pooja door requirement.

Double door are usually a trend in northern India sector not in southern India. Our markets are basically catered to supply throughout India.

Another category is polished or unpolished. We offer different kind of polishes. Matte, glossy and varieties of shades. Some people prefer dull some people want little bit of shining. Some people prefer choice of wood, some do not want in teak.

Any specific wood species which are mostly preferable?
The most successful is teak wood. In teak there are various species, African teak:- ivory teak, Ghana teak, Sudan teak. Burma teak is the most expensive and most designed in India when the client wants quality and costing is secondary.

Apart from teak when it comes to doors, we do not prefer much in other woods because teak has strength, better oil content. The panels don’t break, the joints lasts for lifetime if done with proper treatment and execution of wood.

Are you into flush doors too?
Flush doors are usually mostly related to ply industry so when it comes to flush door we do not have to worry too much about what is the infill because it is mostly popular & pine.

Here the entire product is made of solid wood. We need to see the wood strength what kind of wood will not bend, what kind of wood will be much better for longer life.

So teak is the most hot kick product which sells. Apart from that if someone wants something new and different we recommend them decorative wood.

White Ash, Oak, Wenge, and walnut are other options. These are imported from America & Africa. These woods are fine for door frames but for door there is complexity.

In order to see what kind of design customer wants, what kind of intrications are then only we recommend. Apart from teak, other option is SAkash Bindal 2outhern Yellow Pine, but is a soft wood, and we do not use it.

Do you do something for frames to be seen wider?
In order to show the frames more thick, we make architraves, mouldings around the frames border, paneling around is also another option. The frame looks wider, better and helps in cost cutting. You can also call them as moulded frames.

Rates are increasing in timber, So how are you dealing with rising prices?
Sometimes we get enquiries, wherein some people, don’t want entirely wood. They look for cost cutting method like engineered wood, door frame or engineered door. So, various clients have various lookout.

We cannot increase lot of price because wood price will keep increasing. Since it is a competitive market, various substitutions are invented on day to day basis. We focus more into quality. If the number is less then it’s fine we can prefer doing work in interior, designer and also that’s how project of Mr. K.L. Rahul (cricketer) came into the picture because they wanted something really nice for the staircase and costing was not a very much of hindrance.

Of course everyone wants to save cost but when it comes to no compromise in quality there is no other option even if the wood prices are increasing. SO, It is a matter of pride when it comes to the growth of business and our products are suAkash Bindal 2pplied to someone who is a celebrity in India.

Tell your view on marketing of product
It is the time of digitalization. Internet has made businesses approachable, flexible. Making the website of the company and exhibiting your products on digital platforms has been the new trend nowadays for businesses to get viewership. Visiting exhibitions for exhibiting in India there is Delhi wood, Mumbai wood and India wood. These exhibitions attract customers from major part of India and also international companies take part in it.

Apart from current features you are providing in the doors, what other features you are going to add in future?
There is a new design in the market every day. Innovation is the key. But when it comes to adding an extra element is to make wooden doors termite free. Termites in timber are a challenge because even after anti termite treatments, 10 or 20 years down the line, we cannot stop. That’s a challenge which we are working on as of now. Some clients we come across want to get warranty against all these natural properties. It’s a natural product and sometimes that’s a hindrance that how to give assurance that the wood will not crack or the wood will not bend.

For the initial 5-10 years we are still giving warranties of no joint gap/panel joint breakage. But when it comes to exposures to sun or rain it will bend and tend to develop cracks since it is the nature of wood. We need to research more on how to develop maybe a chemical or a solution to all these problems. So that’s one thing what we need to work, we need to do more research.

What are the changes you observed in door market in 2018?
Since 2017, GST has been a major shift, for some people business have become tougher and for some easier. So as I said we are more of quality based company focusing instead of more of wholesale business, so for us it has become very easy. The changes as in the transactions have become very clearer and the promises and executer have taken time and whatever word of mouth it has become better because people realized the need that if you want something better you need to spend money on that. Before that Wholesaler wanted cheaper and bulk quantity, the mindset was whatever is available in cheap, it can be sold in bulk at lesser prices. This has changed now because since construction and other sector have also come to downward stage right now in India infrastructure, development of houses, builder lobby they have faced the financial crisis so business has become better for people with good management system. Hence, I think 2018 has been better year. Everyone was leading on a path without directions, doing business in bulk without realizing the need to pay taxes. There were various who could manipulate the taxes, all those businesses has stopped. Consumers have also realized that without taxes nothing is available now they have to pay the taxes. If I am going to the market/Superstore then there is MRP written to which I cannot ask for very much discount, if there is discount then it’s the seller’s choice.

When it comes to wood segments there is no standardization. Whatever prices everybody deals in is their own price. So such things are really important for the segment going ahead in the future.